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Recommendations | Before buying or contracting

1. How to identify a reliable lottery company and check its reputation?

2. What are the benefits of purchasing a property from a renowned developer?

3. What should I consider when choosing a construction company for my work?

4. How to verify the experience and quality of a construction company?

5. What are the main criteria for evaluating the quality of construction of a property?

6. How can real estate agents help me in the search for the ideal property?

7. What services do real estate agents offer in addition to buying and selling real estate?

8. How to choose a reliable and competent real estate agent?

9. What is the role of real estate agencies in negotiating and documenting real estate?

10. How can a real estate agency help me obtain mortgage financing?

11.What are the main steps to purchase a property while minimizing risks and legally?

1. Identifying a reliable developer: A reliable developer has characteristics such as transparency, a solid reputation in the market and a track record of successfully delivered works. It is essential to carry out a thorough analysis of the company, verifying its credibility, experience, quality of projects, compliance with deadlines and respect for consumer rights. In addition, a reliable developer must offer adequate infrastructure, respecting safety standards and urban planning.

2. Acquiring real estate from a renowned developer: By choosing a renowned developer, you guarantee benefits such as high quality construction, privileged locations, security, adequate infrastructure and appreciation of the investment made. Renowned lotteries usually have an experienced team and a history of successful projects, prioritizing customer satisfaction.

3. Hiring a competent construction company: In the search for a competent construction company, it is important to consider criteria such as market reputation, experience, technical capacity, qualified staff, use of quality materials and meeting deadlines. In addition, a competent construction company must offer a personalized service, adapting to the client's needs, and being up-to-date on the best construction practices and technological innovations.

4. Check the construction company's experience and quality: The experience of a construction company can be evaluated based on the length of time it has been in the market, the number of works carried out and its reputation with customers and suppliers. To assess the quality of the construction company, it is important to analyze the efficiency of the construction processes, the use of suitable materials, the guarantee of safety in the works and the satisfaction of previous customers.

5. Ensuring the quality of construction: The quality of construction is essential for the durability, aesthetics and comfort of the property. Quality construction involves the choice of suitable materials, skilled labor, use of up-to-date construction techniques, respect for current standards and regulations, in addition to strict monitoring of the execution of the work.

6. Importance of real estate agencies in the search for the ideal property: Real estate agents play a fundamental role in facilitating the search and negotiation of the ideal property. They have a wide portfolio of properties available for different profiles and needs. In addition, real estate agents can offer technical support, assisting in the analysis of documentation, property valuation and negotiation with the owner.

7. Services offered by real estate agents: In addition to buying and selling real estate, real estate agents offer a variety of services to make the customer experience more complete. This includes assistance in obtaining real estate financing, assistance in regularizing documentation, market analysis to define a fair price, legal and administrative assistance, among others.

8. Ethics in the performance of real estate agents: Real estate agencies must strictly follow the OAB code of ethics, ensuring that the services provided are guided by honesty, transparency, confidentiality and respect for the rights of those involved. When hiring a real estate agent, the client is assured that their negotiation will be conducted in an honest and professional manner.

9. Importance of real estate agents in negotiation and documentation: Real estate agents have specialized knowledge in real estate negotiation and in the analysis of the necessary documentation to complete the deal. They guarantee the legal security of the process, verifying the legality of the documents and assisting in the preparation of contracts, avoiding possible future problems.

10. Real estate financing services offered by real estate agents: Real estate agents have partnerships with renowned financial institutions, which allows them to offer the best financing options for the acquisition of properties. This partnership facilitates access to real estate credit, ensuring customer support throughout the process of obtaining financing.

11. Buying a property is an important moment and involves several steps that must be followed to guarantee the security and legality of the transaction. The main steps to make this purchase safely include:

11.1. Define the budget: Before starting the search for a property, it is essential to define the amount you are willing to invest, taking into account additional costs, such as fees and taxes.

11.2. Research the real estate market: Research available properties on the market, considering factors such as location, size, infrastructure and price. Visit properties of interest to assess their conditions.

11.3. Check the property documentation: It is essential to request the complete documentation of the property, such as property registration, debt clearance certificates and updated registration. A specialized lawyer can assist in this verification.

11.4. Carry out the negotiation: After finding the desired property, negotiate the terms of purchase with the seller, including price, terms and payment conditions. It is important to record these negotiations in a contract.

11.5. Carry out due diligence: At this stage, it is recommended to hire specialized professionals who can verify the legal, tax and financial situation of the property, ensuring that there are no hidden problems.

11.6. Formalize the purchase: With the negotiation concluded, it is necessary to formalize the purchase through a purchase and sale agreement, which must be registered in a notary.

11.7. Make the payment: Make the payment as established in the contract, always safely, preferably by bank transfer.

11.8. Transfer of ownership: After payment, it is necessary to register the transfer of ownership with a notary, ensuring that the property is in the name of the buyer.

Following these steps provides legal security, minimizing and avoiding future problems. It is important to have the advice of a lawyer specialized in real estate law, such as Ferreira Advocacia, to guide and ensure that all legal aspects are duly observed during the purchase process.

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