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Ferreira Advocacia (OAB/SP. 18.362) acts in advisory and litigation - since 2004 - in the areas of Civil right-real estate It is Business -, assisting its clients and preventing lawsuits. With globalization and the speed of business, time is "life", moreover, the preventive part for both legal and/or natural persons is fundamental, avoiding future inconveniences with lawsuits such as: compensation, business termination, moral damages, losses and damages, tax foreclosures, collation of goods and many others. On the other hand, we are constantly evolving, both structurally and/or professionally, expanding our knowledge in the face of constant changes in our legal system, all with the aim of providing the best action to be taken. To serve our customers better and better, because without it it would be impossible to turn dreams into reality and consequently climb higher and higher places.

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Edson José Ferreira: A Journey of Determination and Transformation

The story of Edson José Ferreira is a trajectory marked by resilience, the transition from real estate agent to lawyer and the founding of Ferreira Advocacia.

The Prologue:Real Estate Broker for 20 Years

Over two decades, Edson José Ferreira explored the world of real estate, navigating the intricate paths of buying, selling and leasing. However, his keen perception led him to recognize the vital importance of a lawyer's presence in legal complexities. This insight planted the seed of a new aspiration.


From Observation to Action:The Birth of a Lawyer

In 1997, driven by the need to delve into legal nuances, Edson José Ferreira made the audacious decision to become a lawyer. This choice wasn't just a career change; It was a transformation that required study, dedication and, above all, unshakable strength.

The Financial Struggle and the Conquest of 2004

Financial obstacles presented themselves as challenges, but Edson José Ferreira did not back down. The academic journey, which began in 1997, culminated in 2004 with the achievement of a law degree, after passing the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) exam. These seven years were a time of persistence, strength and tireless determination.

From Bachelor to Lawyer:The beginning of Ferreira Advocacia in 2007

With his diploma in hand and passing the bar exam, Edson José Ferreira took the crucial step towards his new career in 2007, when he founded Ferreira Advocacia. This milestone represented not only the beginning of a legal office, but the beginning of a legal journey that continues to the present day.

From Broker to Lawyer: The Complete Transformation

By applying his experiences as a broker to legal nuances, Edson José Ferreira offered his clients a unique perspective. The trajectory that began in real estate negotiations turned into a legal practice dedicated to untying legal knots in the areas of Civil, Real Estate and Business Law.

Edson José Ferreira: More than a Lawyer, An Inspirer of Legal Paths.

Browse our website and discover the power of this unique journey. Schedule a consultation and allow us to be part of your legal narrative. Edson José Ferreira, more than a lawyer, a living example of overcoming and success.

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