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Why do you need a lawyer to buy or sell a property?


Buying or selling a property is an important decision, which involves a high financial and emotional value. Therefore, it is essential that you have all the necessary security and tranquility to carry out this business.


Many people think they can do without the help of a lawyer when dealing with real estate transactions, but this can be a big mistake. A lawyer is a trained and qualified professional to guide you in relation to all legal issues involving the purchase or sale of a property, ensuring that everything happens in a transparent and legal manner.

What precautions are needed in Buy and selling of properties?

To the buy or sell a propertyyou need to be careful to avoid future problems, such as:


Obtain all necessary certificates from the property and sellers, to verify that there are no pending financial, judicial or tax issues that could compromise the transaction or affect the buyer later. For example, if the property is mortgaged, pledged or has an ongoing lawsuit.


Check the regularity of the property with the competent bodies, such as the real estate registry office, city hall, Federal Revenue Service, among others. This includes verifying that the property has a definitive deed, updated registration, inhabitation, operating license, paid IPTU, among other documents.


Check the environmental and zoning issues of the property, especially if you intend to undertake on site. This includes checking whether the property complies with all environmental requirements and whether it complies with the city's master plan, avoiding inspection issues and fines.


Check the physical and structural conditions of the property, such as electrical and plumbing installations, leaks, cracks, among other defects that could compromise the quality and safety of the property.


Draft or revise the property purchase and sale agreement, including all necessary clauses to protect the rights and interests of the parties involved. This includes clauses on price, payment method, delivery time, fines for default or termination, among others.


How can a lawyer help you with buying and selling real estate?


One attorney specializing in real estate law can help you in several ways when buying and selling real estate, such as:


Advise you on your rights and duties in relation to the real estate transaction, clarifying all your doubts and alerting you to the risks involved.


Analyze all the documentation of the property and the sellers, verifying that there are no irregularities or legal impediments that could harm the transaction or affect the buyer later.


Negotiate the best conditions for the purchase or sale of the property, seeking a fair and advantageous agreement for both parties.


Draft or revise the property purchase and sale agreement, ensuring that he is in action with the law and with the expectations of the parties.


Follow the entire process of buying and selling the property, since the signature of the conI treat you delivery of the keys, solving any problems that may arise during the journey.

  • fiduciary alienation, if the obligations assumed are not paid, the bank or financial institution may repossess the property and put it up for auction to settle the financing debt and/or mortgaged properties relating to real estate projects, whether residential or commercial, by developers and builders, where, even you (buyer) paying on time may lose your property.


  • Mortgage non-payment of installments can lead to an auction for payment of the debt, in addition to which, if the collected amount is less than the debt, you continue to owe, where, the creditor can pledge other private assets that you own, for example loan (capital of spin).  


  • Auction who acquires goods in this modality, does not pay the amount he was obliged to, may lose the amount given as guarantee in the legal transaction signed, as well as being obliged to pay fines and interest for the consequences of non-payment.



Buying or selling a property is an important decision that requires care and precautions. A lawyer specializing in real estate law can be an important ally to ensure that the transaction takes place safely and legally, avoiding future problems that could harm your finances and your life.


Therefore, do not risk your assets and peace of mind. Enlist the help of a lawyer specializing in real estate law to buy or sell a property. You will be amazed at the benefits it can bring to your business.


We are at your disposal!

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